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DZ77SL-50K random reboots when using HD4000 video

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I have just build a new PC with this configuration:

- DZ77SL-50K motherboard;

- i5-3570K processor;

- Intel 330 SSD;

- 2 x 4GB Patriot memory (PC3-12800 CL9 Memory Kit - PVI38G160C9K);

- Corsair CX500 PSU;

- Sony DVD.

After Windows 7 install, in first time using the PC, system rebooted. It is randomly rebooting after a short time after boot (about 20 sec to 2 min after boot). That happens even if I do nothing in it, and happens also with a live Linux boot. It also happens with minimal configuration (no SSD, just DVD drive for a live Linux boot and only one memory stick). BIOS update didn't solve the problem.

I installed a PCI video card and problem stopped. I am writing this in this PC, which is working with a Linux install for about 1 hour without any reboot.

Since problem shouldn't be with the processor, that leads me to think the problem is with the motherboard.

Any clue about a solution? Should I RMA the board?

I will install Windows 7 now and see if it also works with the PCI video card.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Rodrigo Martinho.

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I installed Windows 7 and it is working with the PCI card. If I uninstall it and use the HD4000, problem happens again.

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I made further tests. I put the i5-3570K on other PC I have, and it worked. I put the processor (i5-2500K) from this other PC on the DZ77SL and problem persisted. So I concluded the problem is with the board. I contacted Intel and I am returning it.

The Intel guy that assisted me said he never saw this problem before.

Topic closed.

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Changing the motherboard didn't solve the problem.

Since problem stopped when a PCI video card was installed, and I have already changed the PSU and the motherboard, it seems to me the problem isn't with a specific part, but with using Intel HD video with this motherboard in general. Problem also doesn't occur when Windows in safe mode.

I'm stuck with this problem and don't know what else should I do.

Anyone could help with this issue? Maybe someone from Intel could confirm if this motherboard has a problem with using Intel HD video?