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DZ77SL-50k problem

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Sorry for my poor english as first. There is my problem.


yesterday i build new system with

-Intel Dekstop Board DZ77SL-50K


-Intel Core i7 3770k

I installed Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. and everything works fine until today. I parchused one Radeon HD5450 video card. I installed the latest drivers for her , and everything was fine. Then i tryed to install the Virtu software , because i want to run both graphics adapter. When i click on the setup , it says "No sandy bridge , or Ivy bridge video adapters found , please.. et.c." As usual i think , the system cannot find my integrated HD 4k Graphics. I shutted down the system and move the HDMI cabble from HD5450 into the motherboard . Power up , and no screen . Then i moved cabble back to HD 5450 and screen is shown up. I shuted down the system and go into BIOS. (The BIOS is worked on default , and i am not overclocking the machine yet!) I went to Video configuration settings in BIOS , and i saw that the Primary video Adapter is set to "Auto" , I suggest that System runs on Discrette video first if settings are set to Auto. I change it to Internal Graphics , or i cant remember , i chouce the Second Options i think. Then i click F10 to save and restart. After restart no screen shown up on Integrated Video adapter , also on Discrette. I removed the New video card and i tryed only with Integrated , but no succes. As standart procedurre , i changed the Jumper on the motherboard on "Config" and same problem , no screen . I tryed everything to resset this BIOS Settings back to Auto , but fail. I remove the CMOS Battery for 1 Hour , then i tryed again , fail. I tryed every suggest from Intel Step for Resseting the BIOS , but no succes. Pls can you tell me what to do , to resset this BIOS , i am not tryed to recovery him yet, because i dont want to do that. The machine using the latest bios , i updated him yesterday.


Best regards and thx for anyone who helped here.
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At this point if clearing the CMOS didn't help, you can try to press f2, f9 and f10 without using the display. If this procedure does not work you will need to follow the recovery update: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

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I did this almost 20 times, whetout succes.


FInaly i got picture on the screen, but from analog signal (VGA) from the HD5450 . The HDMI on the monitor was dead. I dont know how this is happend , but is true. There is the funnies part. After that i toke another Monitor with HDMI , and it works BUT:


When i install the latest video drivers for HD4k , the screen start blinking randomly. See.. i changed the HDMI cable , installed the previous version of this driver , but still the same bug. I dont know whats happend here. I just changed one setting in the BIOS on Primary video adapter and i got Blown HDMI and now blinking screen . No succes. When i put HD5450 and use HDMI Cabble , now works, but there is no point. My HD4k still not working. And i am not overclock the machine yet. So , my problem is solved , but still have issue.I dont know why this screen blinks , but is seems like HD4k is dead with the HDMI jack on the previous monitor. Confused... and big dissapoint from this board.


Best regards and thnx for helping.

I find that this board is very sensitive to the type of video connection. I had problems getting my ACER H274HL to work with HDMI and had to use the standard VGA connector.