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DZ87KLT-75K No BIOS after upgrade / trapped with dysfunctional KL0446


DZ87KLT-75K No BIOS after upgrade / trapped with dysfunctional KL0446

Greetings to all, I bought a DZ87klt-75K board roughly half a year ago. Recently I was thinking of upgrading to W8 and found that the bios (quote: BIOS version 0446 adds support for Microsoft* Windows* 8.1.) So naturally I reckoned that earlier versions do not support or have issues with w8.1. I flashed the Bios – all went well, but after the restart I found that F2 no longer brings up the visual bios and B2B doesn't help. I assume it is not "only" a display problem because the whole PC hangs. I tried switching monitors – VGA, DVI and HDMI –nothing helped. I even unplugged my GTX650 and used the integrated video HDMI – nothing changed. F7 works (sort of, because as you will see later on it is useless, at least until a new update comes along) F10 lets me choose boot disk and the PC boots fine, but F2 hangs the PC. Unfortunately as stated in Intel DL you cannot revert / downgrade from KL0446 to earlier versions so it's a "catch 22". IS THERE REALY NO WAY TO REVERT TO THE ORIGINAL KL0336??? 446 just doesn't work. Re flashing makes no difference, taking the battery out (for 3h) only made the bios think it is 1.1.2012 which of course cannot be changed if I don't have bios access. To top it off Bios recovery (the jumper method) also hangs the PC. This is a GREAT disappointment for me, because I use my PC mostly for work and that is partly the reason why I decided to buy a reliable "brand" "Intel" board. Now I am wasting hours and hours and maybe facing the prospect to apply for a warranty replacement which takes 30 days. As I have read in discussions I am not the first and only one o lose F2 after upgrade. Is there really no solution to this???


PS: I did not change Legacy boot priority,

My PC: DZ87KLT-75K, i5-4430 3GHz,GTX650, RAM 8GB/1600, HD 2T Seagate

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Allan, I know this has been a pain for you, and I really apologize for all the inconvenience.

Have you tried to chance the BIOS jumper on position 2 and 3 in order to access the BIOS in maintenance mode?

There are users reporting that once they disable "Legacy boot priority", they couldn't access the BIOS anymore.

We were able to replicate the problem on our demos and after 8 to 10 hours without the CMOS battery, we turned ON the system and we were able to access BIOS and reset default settings.

I would recommend you to keep the integrated graphics enabled on BIOS, since we have seen this behavior when a graphic card is being used. Also, make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware available.

In addition to that, as the BIOS cannot be downgraded, you can get in touch with our local Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:


Hello Sylvia, thanks for your reply.

I have solved the problem and it was actually you who helped me solve it, even though in another thread. /thread/44287

… Would you please test your system out of the chassis with minimum configuration like processor, motherboard, power supply and 1 memory stick on DIMM # 1?  

Please remove any additional accessory such as video card, wireless card, hard drive etc.

I unplugged everything unnecessary (I mean everything! Even all HDD) and found the culprit. I had almost forgotten about a Silicon Power 32GB SATA3 SSD disk in my system. The moment that disk was unplugged everything came back to normal. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. It must be a compatibility issue. The disk is perfectly ok, I tested it in several systems and everything was fine, but the moment I plug it in my PC – I have no F2, no BIOS. Even the bare comp with only this disk triggers the problem.

KL0336 had no problems with this disk only KL0446. I, for obvious reasons can't test KL0346 bios, so I can't refer on that. It would be good if Intel looked in to this probably compatibility matter because this is good board and this mater apart, I have absolutely no complains

Sylvia, thanks for your help and time.

Have a nice day.