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Data loss on shutdown with the board DH67CL

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So, the story goes like this: I've had the 128GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD and the 11.2 RST drivers for some time without any problems. AHCI mode, no RAID, on the DH67CL board. My system is dual-boot, Windows 7 64-bit, Fedora 17 64-bit.

The problems started when I updated from 0156 BIOS to 0160 BIOS. Obviously I did not manage to upgrade to 11.6 RST or 11.7 RST because the system does not even boot with these drivers, which is amazing on its own, but this discussion is not about that.

So, what I noticed is that some times, my Windows services got messed up after clean shutdowns, and only system restore could repair them. In addition, chkdsk also found errors. And once in Fedora, after a big update and a clean shutdown, the boot partition got messed up (probably due to the new kernel and grub versions).

Vertex 4 SMART values are all perfect, firmware is 1.5, other drive owners do not have such problems, and neither did I up until recently. I use 11.2 RST drivers, since 11.6 and 11.7 fail to boot. CPU and memory do not have any apparent errors.

In my experience as an IT storage guy, this seems like failure to flush buffered data from the device cache onto the device medium before shutting down the system. This does not seem to be a driver issue, since I did not have this problem with 11.2 RST before, and also the same problem occurred in Linux.

Could this have been introduced in 0159-0160 BIOS versions (0159 introduced a new OROM v11.6.0.1702)?

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The readme of RST has always a very large list of fixed and known not-fixed issues. You could check if your problem is listed in the readme of 11.7 RST as being fixed. Then you know it is an issue in 11.2 or not

On my DZ68BC I am using RST with RAID mode enabled, but my primary SSD is running in non-raid. Enabling RAID in the BIOS might help to install RST 11.7

Are there any critical fixes in the 0160 BIOS that you need? Otherwise why not downgrade to 0156?. My experience with Intel BIOS updates is that things gets fixed but often/sometimes defects are also introduced in newer BIOS versions.

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The README of RST is irrelevant because it is about the Windows RST driver, and the same problem occurs in Linux.

I am convinced this is not a system software issue, and I'm not too eager to install the newer drivers in the Windows partition due to reported instability in other threads.

Downgrading the BIOS could be a viable option. However, I would like to make this issue known to the board developers, and if the problem is indeed real, help towards the resolution.

Moreover, I am not very fond of BIOS and driver downgrades, and casual users should absolutely not have to worry about critical bugs in the newest drivers/firmware updates, when common advice is upgrade to latest for better stability.