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Data transfer problem with SATA3 controller (gray 4 & 5) on DZ77GA-70K


e (In Windows 7, 64bit spk-1)I have a Hitachi 3TB SATA3 (600) attached to one of the two gray SATA-600 controllers on a DZ77GA-70K MB. When transfering moderately large data streams to another drive (specifically a RAID-0 drive on the the two SATA-600 BLUE conncetors, I find that the transfer slows, then stops abruptly, removing the drive from the (my) computer and requiring a reboot to access the drive again - which does this repeatedly.

I have moved the Hitachi drive to one of the black SATA2 (300) controllers and made the transfers to the RAID-0 disc with no problem. I've also been able to do this from an intel RAID card (SASWT4i in JBOD) without incident. Does anyone have a clue why there is a problem with the internal SATA-600 gray controllers?

Also, how come Intel pulled the serial port pins off the MB. I have UPSs which use a serial port for communication.

Thanks for any info or ideas to try.


PS-- why is this forum so slow in ie8

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