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Dear, I have a problem with the motherboard DP67BG does not finish to start throws a red light and it turns off, please what would be the solution to this problem.


When I remove the jumper if it keeps the computer on but does not throw video on the monitor about the Bios information, all the pieces are completely new. Discard testing memories and video cards work on another computer. Check the compatibility of the processor on the Intel page.

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What processor are you plugging into the board?

What memory are you plugging into the board? [exact part numbers please, descriptions are useless]

What video card are you plugging into the board (or are you connecting monitor directly to board itself)?


When you press the power button to power on, what are you seeing occur on the (hexadecimal) two-digit BIOS POST Code display? If codes are flying by too fast, make a video.

Do the same for the Diagnostic LEDs. Write down the order that they come on in and any color changes that occur. Again, if they are happening too fast, make a video.

Note: Attach video(s) to response; do not post elsewhere (I won't follow external links except to well known places).


And let's not talk about this stuff being "new". The board was manufactured 7-8 years ago and the processor was manufactured 6-8 years ago. They simply aren't new.