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Der Intel Treiber- und Support-Assistent erkennt meinen Z370 Chipsatz nicht richtig, er wird nur als Intel 200 Series Chipset Family erkannt. Oder gehören die 300 Chipsätze in wirklichkeit alle zu der 200 Serie? Mein Mainboard ist das ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO

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First of all, this forum is for the support of Intel's Desktop Board products. It is not for the support of 3rd-party motherboards. In this particular case, your question should have been posted in the Chipset support forum.


Ok, that out of the way, the confusion comes from the fact that there are devices in the Z370 chipset that are also common with the 200 Series chipsets. To ensure that you have the correct strings are displayed, you need to download and do a special install of the Intel Chipset Device Software (also know as INF Update) package. To do this, follow this process.


  1. Download the latest INF Update package. It is currently located here:
  2. Extract the contents of this ZIP file to a folder on your system disk. For example, you could create and use C:\Windows\Temp\INF.
  3. Open a Command Prompt window and make that folder the current (i.e. enter commands "C:" and "cd C:\Windows\Temp\INF").
  4. Enter command "SetupChipset /overall".
  5. It should ask you to reboot at the end. Do so. If it doesn't ask, do so manually.


This should sort out the strings displayed for these devices. Presuming that the IDSA tool is using the same resources to get the strings that are being used by Windows 10 Device Manager, it should display them (more) correctly. If it doesn't, let me know and I will talk to the IDSA team about this.


Hope this helps,



Hey having a look at google i landed here:


The special install worked for me - thank you for this help - at windows device manager i now have the 300 series chipset.


Is it normal, that the IDSA now shows NO chipset at all?


Before i had "200series chipset" now there is nothing about the chipset anymore.

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Someone else will need to answer that. I avoid the tool like the plague. Too many things continue to go wrong using it. I know that they are working on fixing it, but this is happening too slow for me.