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Desktop Boards with TPM Module installed

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EDIT 02/24/13: I decided to buy an Intel DZ77RE-75K motherboard with no TPM module. Thanks, do not need reply now on this thread.


I have done a search on this forum for the "TPM", Trusted Platform Module, and I did read a few of the entries, but what I am seeking is to find out which current Intel Motherboards have TMP modules installed. I see that that there are a few other mfrs. who have such modules installed on the motherboard. I am a little unclear as to what, if anything, plugs into those pinned headers that I see. I do have a TMP module in my ultrabook and I am about to enable it and "own" it this weekend, to get the security that such a feature offers.

Does anyone know of any Z77 Intel boards that possess the TMP module, or any Intel mfr. boards, of ATX form factor? I cannot search on filters in the Intel motherboard section of this website for Intel, as it offers no such choice of TPM. TPM is part of the vPro chipset, I believe, but I thought that there was a hardware piece to this puzzle also, being the module on the motherboard.

I am seeking to update a 7 year old Intel 945 motherboard and chipset, with a newer one, by the end of this year. I'm really satisfied with my older Intel motherboard and chipset and wish to stick with them, but also would like to find one with TMP module installed so I can use the security and encryption.

Thanks for any help,


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The only 7-series ATX desktop board with TPM that Intel makes is the DX79TO. Other than that they all have the Q chipset, such as DQ77MK and DQ77CP (uATX), or DQ77KB (thin mini-ITX).