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Desktop Bord problem


i bought "core i5 760 processor" mother board "DH55TC" "ATI Radeon Graphics card 4360series-1GB "DDR3-2GB Memory" "500 GB Hard Disk" and SMPS-Cooler Master - 350watts,

My Question?

1, This combination is match?

2, 350 watts cooler master is enough? (To work Core i5 760, Desktop Board DH55TC and TI Radeon graphic Card 4360 series 1gb and 2 GB Ram)

3, Core i5 760 is match with Desktop Board DH55TC?

4, "ATI Radeon graphic Card 4360 series 1gb" is match with Desktop Board DH55TC?

5, i bought this configuration as "2 Months" But Comblained (my problem is, when i work in this system , system will be hang or stuck or stilled but not working also key board power button is still,mose power button and cpu power button is still, stil means wil not off, i cant use, then we must be restart then again still, i checked hard disk, but no problem, system formatted and reload windows and installed mother bord driver, system is ok and finally when i install the grphic driver again system will be still, i approached my seller, they told me graphic card is not problem, motherbord is colained,i couldnt belive it.

so my question is:

6, Really, what is the problem is mother board or graphic card?

or is not match the configuration?


My Seller told me when i buy the intel boad, Pls dont buy the intel board, he told me to buy the ASUS Board because intel service is very bad" ,but i did not heard, because i trust,belive in intel technolgy than other brand?

Pls Answer my question?

Thamk you sir

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First of all the I5-760 and the DH55TC are compatible, you can see that here:

There is no compatibility list for desktop boards and GPUs, but yes the ATI 4360 should work.

This "finally when i install the grphic driver again system will be still" is odd to be honest, because it would imply more a driver/software issue.

Anyway, I would definately suggest you getting anew PSU, that one is very low, even though it will work, that COULD be the problem. Other than that make sure the BIOS is up to date. And tehn the only thing you can do is test the system one component at a time, by process of elimination you will be able to figure out which is the faulty part. It could be the processor or the RAM, or the PSU or the motherboard (less likely) or the GPU.

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thak you sir, i saw your answer, i have very helpful your answer to me so thanks.

then i have one doute , how much watts support correctly in my system(core i5-760,DH55TC,ATI Radeon xpress chipset-4350 1gb,DDR3-2gb Ram).