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Desktop Motherboard Replacement

Hi All,

I'm suffering from last 1 month for my motherboard. 1 I got replaced was also faulty and I have to follow the same process as I followed earlier to wait almost 8-15 days.

Is there anyone have higher authority contacts for Intel to whom I'll escalate this further. I have already marked mail to their support ID.

Please help me.

Thank you.

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Community Manager

Hello Rahul,

We recommend using the following websites for further assistance: India Returns: Intel Warranty Support Customer Service Center Contact Intel Customer Support

All of our replacement Intel motherboards are tested before they are sent out to the customer reason why we recommend basic troubleshooting like testing the board out of the chassis on a minimal configuration, minimum memory. Test the system without memory looking for beep codes or a BIOS recovery test could work to get the board starting up: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

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