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Desktop Utilities error 1401

Using Windows 8.1 64-bit OS. My motherboard is DX79SR. When installing Intel Desktop Utilities I get this error: "Error 1401 Could not create key \SOFTWARE\Intel\Desktop Board\QST Control. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel."

The program worked well until I updated the BIOS today, so I tried updating the program as well and it won't work anymore. When I do "ignore" the error and continue installing, I just get the loading screen when I open Desktop Utilities.

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.

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This issue was escalated to our engineering team in order to find a fix for it. You may want to check the following thread /thread/43421


This is the most recent updated we have on this.

  • Update: A new release of Intel(R) Desktop Utilities, v3.2.7.084, Download Center is available and contains a fix for the interoperability issue. We've verified it works with Finalwire's AIDA64 application and the CPUID organization's HWMonitor and PC Wizard 2013 applications. We still have a sighting open regarding interoperability with the SpeedFan application. I am in contact with Alfredo Milani-Comparetti, the SpeedFan author, and we are looking into this issue together...


Please let me know if this version fix your problem.



Thank you for your reply sylvia! I have actually updated my Desktop Utilities to because the original stopped working after I updated the BIOS.

My BIOS info is here:

BIOS Version: SIX7910J.86A.0594.2013.0806.2241

BIOS Release Date: 08/06/13

Motherboard: DX79SR

I still just get the loading screen. As noted before, it may be related to this error while installing Desktop Utilities: "Error 1401 Could not create key \SOFTWARE\Intel\Desktop Board\QST Control. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel." Also, take note that I did set all related keys in the registry to Full Control and I haven't had any errors like this with any other software I was installing.

Maybe I should've heeded the warning not to update my BIOS unless there's a problem. I just like to have the latest firmware for all my tech. Anyway, hopefully this issue can be resolved.


We hope so too. I would recommend you to keep track of the thread I provided you; any update will be posted there.



This error has nothing to do with BIOS; it's strictly an issue at the IDU installer level. It seems like you've somehow developed some sort of corruption (or interlock/permission issue) in your registry. If you are daring, here is something you can try:

1. Right click on the start button and invoke "Command Prompt (admin)".

2. Start Registry Editor using command "regedit".

2. Browse to key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Intel".

3. Delete subkey "Desktop Board" (Right click on subkey "Desktop Board" and select Delete. Select "yes" when asked to permanently delete this key and all subkeys - but only after verifying you did indeed select subkey "Desktop Board" for deletion)

5. Close Registry Editor.

6. Close Command Prompt.

7. Re-attempt IDU install (right click on the IDU Setup.exe file and choose "Run as Administrator").

If you are a little leery about doing something at this level, I can prepare a registry merge file that does this for you...



Thanks spearson I did try that and it did end that error when installing. I didn't know about the Wow6432Node folder in my registry, as the error I was getting looked like it was pointing to /SOFTWARE/Intel. At least now it installs without an issue.

Unfortunately the issue with the busy spinner not going away still remains and I have no idea. I've uninstalled, reset my fan and monitoring settings, then reinstalled again. I thought for sure that error was somehow related, but now I have no idea what the issue is at this point.