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Desktop board DZ77GA-70K - BIOS ???

I bought in October 2012th Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA - 70K , Intel i5 - 3570K and the Intel SSD 520 180GB .

On the PC, the system is Windows7 - 64bit .

Intel Desktop Bord DZ77GA - 70K was purchased with BIOS ver .0021 and now I'm working with the same version of the 0021.

I checked all the BIOS updates that you have and build on what and what is the fix, so I figured why I have some problems with my motherboard DZ77GA - 70K . ( when you turn on the PC , the fans spin at maximum speed , why do my schedule to boot the system I used to be a mess , some settings do not work well , and my PC in Win7 sometimes known by itself reset , I tried it with a Corsair Force3 SSD 120GB and Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD , and the same is happening ) .


So I want to upgrade the BIOS .


I wonder if I can upgrade my version of 0021 at the latest BIOS ver 0066 ?


Do you have to go row 0021-0066 ( 0027 , 0035 ... 0064 , 0066 - there are 14 versions ) ?


Does this ver . 0066 has all the upgrades and fixes version 0027-0064 ?


Which method updates the BIOS do you recommend ?


Thank you in advance for your answers , you will help me a lot !!!
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Mladen7, thanks a lot for asking before proceeding with the update of the BIOS on your motherboard.

This specific model has 15 different BIOS versions, which means there are many fixes between one and another and I do not recommend you to install the latest version at first. Sometimes, it does not include all the fixes and upgrades from previous BIOS.

What we recommend customers to do is to check how many versions are between the current BIOS and the latest one. Then, depending on that, install or flash 1 or 2 versions before getting to the latest one. In your case since you have the original BIOS, you may need to install a few more.

You can try to install BIOS v0035 and then, depending on the issues you are experiencing with your board, start flashing the ones you need, but at least installed three.

I would recommend you to use the F7 method, since it is more accurate. Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

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Thanks Sylvia ...

I worked one on one upgrade BIOS 0027-0066 method that you have recommended. They have successfully completed all the upgrades except the 0059, which was a problem because we do not go away, so I moved on to the next and so reached the last 0066th The board works great and more generally do not notice any problems.

Once again a big thank you for your help.


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You are more than welcome Mladen.

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Hello mladen7

I have same processor core i5 3570k and I am planning to buy DZ77GA-70K, initially i were using DZ68BC board for this cpu having so many bios related problems and that board failed so decided to buy this new one. My config

1 core i5 3570k

2 ssd kingston ssd now 200- 120gb (For OS)

3 seagate 1TB Hd for data

4 corsair venegance 4gb+4gb 1.5V 1600mhz

Board I am buying is having bios ver 21

So what is your openion, should I go for or not ?

Please reply me fast

Support from any member is welcome

if u can mail me on


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Hello Jayesh Soni, thanks for joining the Intel Community.

The processor and the motherboard are totally compatible.

This specific board has 15 BIOS versions available. I would like to tell you that going straight to the latest version shouldn't be a problem, technically speaking. However based on experience, there is always chance.

I would recommend checking the BIOS Update Release Notes on this URL. You will be able to see the fixes and features included on each version.

Please install these BIOS versions

BIOS Version 0035

BIOS Version 0045

BIOS Version 0049

BIOS Version 0053

BIOS Version 0061

BIOS Version 0066


Silvia L

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Thanks Silvia L for fast and informative reply,

One more thing I want to know-- I have already installed WIN 8.1 PRO on ssd, can I install that ssd on DZ77GA-70K with bios ver 21 or need to reinstall that os again ?

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You can try Jayesh, however sometimes if the chipset is different, the board is not going to be able to boot to the OS using that SSD.

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Thanks again sylvia , bought the board with 2 years intel warranty, Install SSD having WIN 8.1 . Took some time to getting device ready and started. WOW amazing and satisfied.

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