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Desktop board dp67bg returns nothing when using wmic bios get serialnumber

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I was trying to install software that requires a bios serial number. In the past I could just press enter, but not any longer.

What I have been able to figure out so far is that the Intel® Integrator Toolkit seems to be able to program a string, which then would be returned by

the command wmic bios get serialnumber.

This post describes a similar problem and his resolution.

The author says:

Found the solution.

Using vcustw64.exe contained in the ITK download. This command will set the model name:


So this is what I am trying to do.

I have downloaded, but it does not list my motherboard as a target of it.

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Right, while the board includes such strings in the SMBIOS Structure Table's Board Data structure, the WMIC command is only capable of extracting strings that are provided in the System Data structure. Since Intel shipped only a board product, not a system product, the integrator (or the user) was responsible for filling in these strings - and Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK) is the tool that they provided to do so.

For your board, you need an earlier version of ITK. I would get v5.0.4.575. You should be able to get it through Intel Customer Support (contact them directly). I have also seen a place or two on the web where it can be downloaded (I found it googling ""), though I cannot vouch for the integrity of these download sites.


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Hello johnrw,

I have sent you a private message.


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