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Direct replacement/upgrade for a DH55TC mobo?


Hi, folks...

Currently running a DH55TC (discontinued model, little suport) and just wondering which mobo could I get to relace it on the following condition(s):

1 - Processor and RAM compatibility, i.e: just want to keep using my current i3 and 8 GB DDR (scarce money to spend)

2 - SATA SSD compatible (DH55TC seems not to be 100% of the time, since 2-3 times a month my system crashes and does not detect SSDs after reboot, a known issue on this forum, and the main reason for upgrading)

2 - Not a discontinued model, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/recommendations.



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Well, I do not think you will find a direct replacement for this nine year old board.

This is your board: Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC Product Specifications

It supports DDR3 memory, so your memory may be salvageable on another board that uses DDR3 1066/1333. Your 8GB is a reasonable amount of memory for W7 and later, if the memory is good. Since you are experiencing crashes, the memory could be suspect. The board may be experiencing failures as well, so who knows.

Your board is a microATX size board, so you will have to keep that in mind when searching for a replacement. Note that a full-size ATX board will not fit into a case made to host a microATX board.

Your socket is LGA1156 . You did not specify your processor model number. I see that this board supported four i3 processsors: Compatible Processors

In my opinion, none of them are worth salvaging. If you are running, or plan to run Windows 10, your board, processor, and graphics are not supported. However, you could use another board that supports any one of these four processors. You will have to make certain that the bios of the replacement board supports the processor. It will probably support it, but you need to confirm.

If you are not using an add-on graphics card, you are using onboard graphics, and that means one of these connectors on the board: HDMI, DVI-D, VGA

Depending on a replacement board, you will want to be sure you have these connectors.

If you are using an add-on graphics card (nvidia or amd-based), you will want to make certain the replacement board supports that card. Depending on the length of the card, it may interfere with components on the replacement board when you try to install it.

Your existing board has a total of 6 sata connectors. Depending on the number of drives you have, you will want to make certain you have enough connectors.

Intel exited the desktop board market more than five years ago, so you will not find any board from Intel that does what you want without a complete board/memory/fan/cpu upgrade. The best place to look is on that auction site. If you are running W7, and want to take the chance on being able to use your disk drives without reinstalling (assuming you have a really good backup), I would be inclined to look for a board that is:

  • microATX board
  • H55 chipset
  • Socket 1156
  • DDR3 memory
  • SATA ports
  • LAN

If you find such a board, you are likely to be able to use your processor, memory, case, cpu fan, and your disk. You may get lucky and even have your disk boot with little or no problem.

Lastly, you may want to verify your power supply as being good/adequate for the job. With its age, I would not be surprised if it were failing.

So, does this help?

Now, if there is any way you can get a new or newer desktop, you should. Projects like yours usually end up costing more than they are worth. That money will buy you a much nicer machine.



Hey, Doc...

Thanks for your superfast answer.

I know I have to grant you the "you're quite right" in terms of what you've stated on trying to save money the hard way...

Thing is that I had no plans at all about upgrading my system... problems arose after I put a SSD. So I must do something and mobo replacement could be one of the paths to follow.

So... I looked better and found my proc is an i7 870 @ 2.93 GHz... not too bad... i'm pretty much comfortable with my desktop PC (BTW no problem with a hypothetical full size ATX mobo, since my case is a full height behemoth tower), I do mainly digital photo with it and the classic office work (text processing, worksheets, etc). No 3D graphic design, no gaming, not even minesweep LOL. My graphic card is an oldie nVidia GForde 240 that performs very well so far.

From the link you've provided, I could manage to see several i7 870 compatible moboes... it's a good starting point.

Many thanks.



Hate to necro this thread, but I must.  Answers like this mislead people into thinking their problems are much more severe than they are.

If you infact need a motherboard replacement, then people's opinions about whether it's worth it, or capabilities, operating system advice, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum in the form of an answer is anything but valuable.

The link provided does NOT provide any accurate information, the only thing worth while in the "answer" is "that auction site..".

Chances are the author found their answer by turning to some other direction.

That said, in answer to the question:

You need a Socket 1156 motherboard, you can find them on ebay for $30+ now in 2020. These are all discontinued models.  No reason not to keep a good machine going (though I agree this board DH55TC is garbage I've owned it 8 years and it's trash.)

That's it, good luck!

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2.5 years later is a bit late for an opinion.

And, it is safe to say you did not like my answer, eh?