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Display problem on DH67BL...

Hi everyone,


Intel DH67BL Motherboard

AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Samsung SyncMaster SA300 << My monitor in case it's helpful..

I'm having problems with my display right now. There are some "lines" appearing... It's all messed up. First I thought it was a problem caused by my display adapter. I had doubts when it is still there even when I tried to clean reformat my OS. IT APPEARS EVEN ON BIOS. So, I figured it could be a problem on my motherboard. (I'm not really sure as I'm not that expert in this kind of stuff)

How this started:

I was playing DOTA 2. When suddenly the screen froze. When I rebooted, it's all messy already and I can't get myself to desktop.

I tried to use Startup repair thru a windows 7 installer cd. Everything failed.

I figured I should just reformat and re-install my OS to clean everything if it was a virus. So, I went to safe mode and backup everything. Then reformat and re-install OS. Then, I used the windows update to update my Display Driver. Still not fixed.

I'm still getting it until now. See below.

I may have not provided all the info needed. Please tell me so.



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It seems to be hardware related but just to be clear, is the issue happening with the AMD graphics card or the Intel® graphics?

Make sure you reset the BIOS settings to default; your memory is compatible with the processor and test the sticks individually. The power supply wattage may also be relevant so just double check you have enough power for your system.

If you find it related to the motherboard try to perform a BIOS recovery/update.

Other than that, you may need to start swapping components (motherboard or processor) to determine the cause of the issue.