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DisplayPort Audio on DQ67SW



I have an HDMI display connected to an Intel DQ67SW board using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable. Unfortunately I am having problems with the audio.

Intel Display Audio is listed in Device Manager however it is not listed as an available output device in the Sound control panel under Windows 7 Pro (x64).

I have ensured that the display supports audio over HDMI, that "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices" are ticked in the Sound control panel. I have ensured DisplayPort audio is enabled in BIOS and I have installed the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers.

Everything I have read suggests that this should work but I'm not having any joy at all.

Has anyone else got this to work or had the same problem?



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Just to be sure, are you saying that, if you open the audio mixer, you cannot select Display Audio as the default? If not, open the mixer and make this change...



The "Intel HD Audio" option appears in the Sound Properties only when an HDMI or DisplayPort device with audio capabilities is properly detected.

In your case no device is being detected in that area and this could be because the DisplayPort is faulty, the DP-to-HDMI adapter is not working properly, or the adapter is not compatible.

I am wondering what is listed under "Monitors" in Device Manager. Is it a generic PnP Monitor or it shows the actual brand and model of your display? If it shows a generic PnP monitor then your monitor is not detected properly.

You already covered the possible options to check. Making sure the DP port is enabled in the BIOS and updating the Intel® HD Graphics driver are the most important steps. You can still update the motherboard BIOS just in case that helps.

Before updating the motherboard BIOS I would suggest first to confirm that the DisplayPort works fine. If it is possible, test a straight DP device (TV or AVR). If the audio and video come up fine with a straight DP connection then the problem is the adapter.

Bear in mind that the Intel® Desktop Board DQ67SW is a product released in 2011 and it will be easy to find compatibility problems with devices of more recent manufacturing.

To update the BIOS, follow the following instructions:

Download the latest BIOS file (v0067) using this other link: