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Do some motherboards support raid-1 on ssd?


I will buy a new pc (main use is development) with a high-end intel motherboard (raid-1, sound, gigabit network embedded, usb 3). I would like to install windows 8, 3-d graphics, dual screen, 4 hard disks:

2 raid-1 ssd

2 raid-1 sata.

I read on the self-help that raid can be enabled for sata drives.

Does Intel provide motherboards where raid-1 is available for ssd hard disks.? If so, which one can you advise?

I saw many motherboards for desktop computers, but no comparaison...


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SSD disks in SATA format, like Intel 320/330 or 510/520 for MB controller are the same as SATA HDDs, so you can use them for RAID in any MB featured Intel RST RAID. SSDs in mSATA or PCI-E format, like Intel 910, are different story, usually you cannot use them in RAID setups.

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I read on some forums that sata-raid controllers don't support TRIM function and that for this reason, a raid-1 on ssd disks has a big performance cost: it is much slower than a single non-raid ssd disk. True or false?

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The latest Intel Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver supports the TRIM function on RAID 1 and 0.

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