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Does Intel D945GCCR desktop board support virtualization technology?

Dear Intel Support,

For D945GCCR desktop board, in the page Support for the Intel® Desktop Board D945GCCR, it shows "Chipset: Intel® Chipset Device Software for 945, 946, 955, 975 Chipset-Based Intel® Desktop Boards". Does this mean D945GCCR supports 945, 946, 955, 975 CPU? In the page, Intel&# 174; Virtualization Technology List, it shows 945 CPU doesn't support virtualization, but 955 does.

So, can we say D945GCCR desktop board support virtualization technology? If Yes, then upgrade the BIOS and use 955 CPU, then the whole computer system with D945GCCR motherboard will support virtualization, correct?

Thanks for your help with the above.

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A response has been already provided for this on this other thread:

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