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Does Intel DP67BG supports overclocking of 3770K ?


Hello everyone, i am coming to you with a rather specific question.

The base of my gaming computer consists of Core I5 2500k procesor on an Intel DP67BG extreme motherboard together with 16 gb of ram and Nvidia 780ti in SLI. BoardRam and CPU are all 4 years old and are still serving me vell till this day and until lately they runn everthing like new. But in last yer processor started to show its age in games and despite being Oc to 4,5 Ghz in started to show some lag in new game like in areas full of people in Far Cry Primal. I was thinking of putting in an I7 3770K as it is superior in never games that now finaly use HT. It would be a cheap upgrade because I will still have my I5 to sale and they still sell for a decent price. But I worry if this board will actualy support overclocking of never 3770k ? I know it supports it but intel has been tricky on their motherboards and I dont want to buy an I7 only to find grey OC options in bios. And I am using the latest version. And overall is there even a point of getting 3770k to replace 2500k or should I got 6600k/6700k, 16/32 gigs of DDR4 and an Asus Z170 pro motherboard and maybe call it a day for next 3-4 years ?

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Once you have upgraded the BIOS on a 6-Series board to those (later) versions that support 3rd generation processors (hint: you must do this before installing the new processor), it will, to the extent possible, allow you to overclock these processors. Overclocking capabilities are more limited in 3rd generation Core processors; you don't get the full set of control knobs that you had with 2nd generation Core processors (this is a processor generation-specific issue; it is independent of the motherboard you use; that is, the same limitations would exist if you had a 7-Series motherboard). Still, for most folks, who don't fiddle with much beyond the clock multiplier, I have heard few complaints (we really need paramountain to chime in here. I believe that he has played with this more than most).

All that said, your 6-Series board is four generations and five years old. It is nearing the age where component failures are going to start to appear and you will likely soon start to run into compatibility issues as you try to upgrade major components (like video, which you will eventually need to do for many emerging games). I recommend that you look seriously at getting a 6700K, a good Z170 motherboard, lots of DDR4 RAM and a new PSU...




Thanks Scott for provide the correct information about; Please Ajinta bear in mind that Intel customer support does not provide over clocking recommendations, I suggest you to wait for some community members to chime in and post over clocking details for your motherboard and processor