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Does Recovery BIOS Update replace the entire contents of BIOS?

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I have a DH67CL board which I stupidly flashed beyond Sandy Bridge, in other words, I went from to 0132 to 0146 (before it was pulled from and then on to 0156 because 0146 was flaky. I want to revert back to 0132 because of a bug which does not appear on a similar PC with 0132. My question is: does executing a Recovery BIOS Update replace the entire contents of BIOS? If true, that would solve the published problem that once a board moves from Sandy Bridge (0132 and below) to Ivy Bridge BIOS, the board is forever doomed to remain on Ivy Bridge. I am comfortable with the use of a portable floppy drive and moving jumpers.

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Hello baroque-quest,

Let me help you with this.

Please note that BIOS updates include many changes and fixes for the computer but there is something called Transition BIOS. This is a BIOS version that will make big changes and will not be possible to roll back to a previous version once that version is installed.

In your case, the BIOS version 0151 is the transition BIOS so I regret to say that you can do a BIOS update or BIOS recovery process but will not be possible to revert to version 0132.

You can check the BIOS release notes here:

Kevin M