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Does Win10 include drivers for DZ77BH-55K?

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I want to clean-install Win10 on my DZ77BH-55K mobo. Since this board is no longer actively supported, Intel only distributes drivers for Win8. If I clean-install Win10, will I need to add additional drivers, or does Win10 have the drivers it needs. If I do need to add drivers, will the Win8 packages install, or must some other method be employed?

Thanks for any tips. I could just try the installation and see what happens, but I prefer to figure out pitfalls in advance when possible. I suppose other owners of older-but-viable mobos may have the same question. Has it been addressed elsewhere?

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Hello, I just wish to second this question. I have the DZ77BH-55K board which was a replacement sent by Intel for my previous faulty board. I've had persistent issues prior to upgrading to Win10, such as my PC doesn't boot whilst connected to a Sata 3 connection, whereas it boots whilst connected to the Sata 2 ports. According to Partpicker, it seems the board and my SSD are incompatible. My other issue was a voltage compatibility problem with two of my Ram modules, which was overlooked by an Intel manager when the replacement was suggested.

I am now concerned if the DZ77BH-55K board isn't supported for Win10, along with a number of my components, it maybe best to accept the refund which was offered prior to the replacement offer?


Any further help would be appreciated.

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The link below shows the compatibility of Intel® motherboards and operating system. Desktop Boards — Supported Operating Systems



Mike C

Hi Mike,

That link is highly outdated, almost 1 year ago. No mention of Windows 10 at all. And not talking only about the board Dogwood is asking, Im talking about all other boards.

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The linked document is *not* out of date. Windows 10 is *not* supported by any Intel Desktop Board product (nor will it be).

All is not lost. See my responses in this other, similar thread: . They similarly apply to these boards as well...



Hello Dogwood,

If there is any driver available for your motherboard it will be provided by Microsoft since Windows 10 is now in charge of the corresponding drivers on compatible systems. From our end I can confirm to you that the DZ77BH-55K supports up to Windows 8.1 so we provide drivers up to that operating system. Windows 10 has a compatibility tool so you can check if you can run it or not. You can get that tool on the following link: Windows Compatibility Center

If it appears as "Compatible" that means that Windows may be able to provide you with drivers if you do the installation as an upgrade from either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, but if you do a clean installation you may need to confirm with Microsoft if they will be able to give you drivers via Windows Update, which is the method that Windows 10 uses to have the drivers updated on the systems.

If you have any other inquiry please let me know.

Best regards,