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Does my Motherboard support the Ram I am about to buy? (Specs down below)


Hello all,

I just signed up to this community to ask this question. I have been searching a lot for an answer but was unsuccessful. So, I have been meaning to upgrade my RAM stick for many many months now and was at the point of ordering the Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) from Amazon. I game a lot and also use my PC for my work (Outlook, lot of browser tabs, calls etc). And here are my PC specs;

  1. Intel i3 540,
  2. 4gb Ram (Dual 2 GB Kingston 667 MHz old ram)
  3. Nvidia GTX 750ti
  4. Win 8.1 64 bit,
  5. Motherboard - Intel Corp DH55PJ

I checked the mainboard bandwidth requirements for RAM and its DDR3 upto 1333MHZ (Maximum support 8gb). It has two DIMM slots. All the 8gb RAM sticks available for purchase are 1600MHZ (1.5V). When I searched online, many people had issues booting the PC and many said it will work at 1333MHZ and you wont get the full potential. I just need to know if it will work and does not cause any issues. Moreover, is it possible to use the single 8gb ram stick and does that support my motherboard? When I searched online, everyone was using 2 x 4gb ram sticks for the DH55PJ and could not find anywhere about a single 8GB stick.


Thank you so much in advance! Appreciate you reading !

Stay safe,






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Your system supports on 4GB DIMMs. You need to use two of them if you want to get to 8GB.