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Dual Boot both drive on same controller

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Mbo DZ77BH-55K


AA num G39008-400


Trying to dual boot to Win 7 32 bit and Win 7 64 bit on 2 new drives.

If both drives attached to the Grey SATA port the Win7 32 bit first seems to go ok, then when I install the Win& 32bit it is very slow and once it does install several hours or more later it seems it reboots out of the blue and then I get all sort of errors and it wont boot to either version of Windows as it seems to loose all the boot information and I cant even get back to get into the bios unless I "CLEAN" the drives.

If I have 32 bit on the grey SATA controller and the 64 bit on the black controller it seems to work and the 64 bit will install at normal speed.

Is there some rule about what goes into which controller?

Problem is I was wanting to use 2 SATA raid setups. A pair of WD 1 TB server drives on one controller and a pair of Rapture drives on the other controller


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Hi steve... for getting a better picture of your issue .. please share your full config along with sata ports info (means in which port you are using odd & hdd ) ..

--> Odd details

--> HDD details

--> BIOS version

Meanwhile .. here is the SATA details of your mbd.

Eight Serial ATA (SATA) ports:

― Two SATA 6.0 Gb/s interfaces through the Intel Z77 Express Chipset with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology RAID support (blue)

― Two SATA 6.0 Gb/s interfaces through a Marvel 88SE9172 controller (gray) ― One back panel eSATA 3.0 Gb/s port through the PCH (red)

― Three internal SATA 3.0 Gb/s interfaces through the Intel Z77 Express Chipset with Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID support (black)

You are using RAID i think.. so i suggest you use Either Blue ports or Black one .

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optical disk drive is a Samsung DVD/CD burner/player in SATA that is a black one by itslef

HDD Seagate 2 TB on one grey SATA

HDD Seagate 3 TB was on other grey but then moved it to a black port and it worked like it should have. after this drive was up and running I moved it back to the other grey and it works ok

2 WD Black for SATA raid on the black connectors now and they are working

2 WD Raptors will go on the Blue connectors in the next day or two

my biggest problems now is to reclaim the 700+ GB on the Seagate 3TB or move the OS from the 3 TB drive back to a 2 TB WD Black that I was going to use originally but it got so messed up it took over a hour for device manager to even recognize it so I could reformat and disk check it.

my bios is Version 57 - 02/08/2012

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Hi Steve,

Proceed to update your motherboard BIOS gradually to versions 0057, 0070, 0083,0093,0096,0098 using the recovery method since these are the versions that have management engine updates.

Please be sure to read and follow all accompanying instructions, which can be found at this link: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

BIOS updates can be found here: Download Center

Also, let us know if the SATA controller is being configured as RAID, AHCI or IDE in the BIOS set up menu.