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E210882 Motherboard


I have a hand-me- down computer with an Intel motherboard with ID# s of E210882 and D945GBI, etched on the board. I have recently updated the RAM from 4gb to 8gb, on a Win 10, 64bit system. OS recognizes only 3.25/8gb. BIOS on the other hand recognizes all the sticks (8gb/4 slots).

My thinking is to maybe update the BIOS? Remove/replace the CMOSS battery?

However I yet have to find any info based on either number. After multiple attempts, the intel Driver Update Utility advises it cannot locate any drivers/information. Manual searches, same results.

My question is: Where can I find Bios updates for this motherboard, or is 3.25/8gb, the best I can expect?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I believe you have made a typo in the motherboard model number. Instead of D945GBL it could be D945GCL.

To verify, please review this document on how to find the motherboard model AA number which will help confirm your board model number. Find Support by Board AA Number for Intel® Desktop Boards

Also, if the board is a D945GCL, here is the technical specification:

As you can see on page 10, section 1.1.1, the maximum memory is 4GB. Removing the battery, updating the bios, etc., will not change this.

Even if your board is a D945GBL or D945GBI, it is still a 945G chipset and has a maximum memory of 4GB: Intel® 82945G Memory Controller Product Specifications

So, the best you can expect is 4GB.

All of this said, this board is pretty old, and not supported.


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Thank you for explaining this information Al Hill.



voper is your motherboard model D945GBL or D945GCL? If so, the information Al Hill provided is right, based on the technical specification for this motherboard only 4 GB of ram are supported.










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It doesn't really matter which of the boards it is; it has the 945G chipset and this chipset limits the supported memory to 4GB.