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Hello, I was wondering when was the end of life of the Intel DH55HC, DP55WB, and DH67BL, and I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere.

I'd be very grateful for an answer.

Other than that, I see that the DH67BL recieved a firmware update (version 0162) which (apparently) brings mitigations against the original Spectre and Meltdown security issues (I had just flashed it on my sisters' PC), after it was phased out.

Could not a firmware upgrade with those mitigations be released for the DH55HC (my PC) and the DP55WB (my father's PC)?

And lastly, the 82578DC Ethernet controller is listed in the driver changelog as compatible with the latest drivers (as of now, 23.2), however the drivers for the 82578DC are not included even as back as version 22.3.

Can at least version 22.3 be rereleased with support (even minimal, "as is" support) for the 82578DC, to allow it to be used on the current version of Windows 10?

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All of those boards are discontinued. Intel® Desktop Board DH55HC Product Specifications (9 years old) Intel® Desktop Board DP55WB Product Specifications (9 years old) Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL Product Specifications (7 years old)

I supposed the boards in question could get an update, but Intel has chosen to not update those boards: Intel-SA-00088 for Intel® Desktop Boards

And, 82578DC is discontinued (9 years old) as well. Intel® 82578DC Gigabit Ethernet PHY Product Specifications

None of this is supported on windows 10. This does not mean you cannot use or run windows 10. For the 82578DC, just replace it with an add-on LAN card that is supported.

For those boards with processor graphics, look for a compatible graphics card that is still supported under windows 10.

You have to face the fact that, while you have some nice boards, they are from years past. That means the processor and processor graphics are not supported as well.

While you can work around some of the issues, your best approach moving forward is to start replacing the hardware.

You should take a look at the Intel NUCs. They are quite nice. Intel® NUC



Thank you very much, however that does not help me very much.

Interestingly, the 825678DC worked on a customer's DH55PJ.

As for the NUCs, while I would love to get one for my sisters, we have not the budget.