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Ethernet Problem

Hello, I just finished a build with a 3570k i5 on a DZ77SL-50k board. The whole system is running fine, however, when I hooked up the internet, it started acting weird. I then noticed that it was screwing with all my devices connection (Laptops, Xbox, etc.). All of them would connect to internet, but everything would say that it could not be connected to the network of the site, or application I was trying to reach. I called the internet company (ATT) and they told me it was "some software for my Ethernet on the desktop that was missing or incorrect". I checked all my drivers and they are all correct, I tried re-installing the Ethernet one and it still has problems. The women that spoke for ATT said this was a common issue. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows what i should do to fix it.

Please reply or if you prefer email me.

Thank you!

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In order to properly narrow the issue you are experiencing please answer the following questions:

- Are you receiving an error message?

- Are you showing conflicts in device manager?

- Does the issue persist when not using the board?

- What driver version for LAN is loaded on the system?