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Exchanging CPUs for Lenovo X230 and X220


My friend owns a spare Lenovo X230 with Intel i5-3210M CPU and I own a Lenovo X220 with Intel i5-2430M CPU. My X220 have a terrible Intel HD 3000 Graphics installed and I like the performance boost the Intel HD 4000 can give me. Since my friend have no need of his X230 (he have an Alienware 17), he said that if I can find a way to exchange CPUs between these two computers, I can, provided that the X230 still works with my 2430M CPU afterwards. So I would like to know is it possible to exchange CPUs between these 2 computers but

1. NOT losing all data

2. I can do it myself with a screwdriver

We don't really care about the ports except for the USBs and headphones. So if some ports have to be rendered useless, it's fine by us.

Any help, tips or instructions would be gladly appreciated. Thanks!

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