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F7 boot menu not working; causing PC hang.


Today, after starting the desktop, when the boot page was showing, I hit the F7 (Bios update menu) just out of curiosity. Surprisingly the PC stuck at the same boot screen ("intel") . I hit the Esc button, but it did not cancel the hang-like condition.

However, I waited more than 5 minutes, but nothing was changed. To try starting the PC normally, I pressed the power button (of Front panel of the CPU-Cabinet) to turn off and turn on the computer; the computer started-up normally.

However, on fresh machine-starts, F2 etc options are showing their sub-menu normally. Only F7 causing the hang.

I repeated the process of pressing F7 once again... and the exact same result; the boot screen ("Intel") was displaying steadily on the monitor ... without any slightest change... now I waited for about an hour. No slightest change within that 1 hour. In that hang-screen, other boot menus like "Press F2 to open Boot Menu" etc was normally showing; although on that hanged screen, pressing F2 etc did not changed the screen. Once again I needed to press the power button to restart the PC.

So my question is

(1) Why this might happening and how to get rid of the problem?

(2)Although the PC is seemingly working smoothly and perfectly if I don't try F7; I'm worrying if there is any chance of some more trouble. Is there a chance of upcoming hazard?

P.S. Just abut 1 week ago I took the following photograph for documenting my computer's settings for personal use.

Then the F7 submenu was perfectly opening. (Although the photo showing 6 partitions; actually I have 4 logical partition in harddisk, all working well.

No bios setup was manually changed; and within this 1 week no significant change in software or system configuration has been done.

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Contd... forgot to mention:

Board ID: DH61WW

CPU: i3-3210


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When you press F7, you are supposed to have a FAT32-formatted disk (typically a USB flash disk) present that provides .BIO file(s) for performing BIOS updates. Likely the issue is caused by not seeing a FAT-32-formatted disk.