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Fingerprints and more, on new Intel Motherboard


Hello, this is very serious and I really need your help, so if anyone from Intel is here and has the time to inform me with a reply I will really appreciate.

All I want from you is to tell me that I am not crazy thinking that this motherboard is second hand although it was sold to me as new.

I made an online purchase from a shop in Germany called actually this was the second time from them.

I purchased an Intel Core i7-3770K Boxed, an Intel DQ77CP Sockel 1155, and all the rest that a pc needs in order to work.

They have sent me a motherboard packaged in a very weird way and is full of fingerprints and wet areas, while the rest in the box are all good.

As you can already understand I was shocked and like an idiot I started searching on forums if it has ever happened to anybody else.

Some people were saying that a company (i.e., Intel) may pick up a unit (i.e., a motherboard) randomly every so, test it etc and might leave fingerprints etc.

I do not think this is true, it sounds very childish to me, but I want to confirm as my head is just spinning right now from all this today.

I can send you all my personal contact details including home address, phone number, etc, this is serious and not a joke.

As I never buy second hand, actually I have made two (2) purchases of second hand hardware until today that I am 40 and that was for special reasons.

I am not used to face a second hand hardware on my hands, and what I faced today that the package came shocked me.

Please allow me to show you some pictures I took that I am trying to show what it looks like and I really need you to tell me if Intel would ever send such a product to the market. I uploaded 5 as it is the max here and the rest on a service and I will add links here. Unfortunately I didn't rush to take them early and the daylight passed so I am using flash in most of them. In any case, I believe it doesn't show so well but you can get an idea.

There are wet areas on the backside, fingerprints on both sides, including, the cpu handler/arm, bridges, battery, external ports, even on the logo.

There is also a yellow mark on the backside close to the processor area.

I also have some more questions:

Is the SHIELD PAK supposed to be closed ? Should there be a security sticker that gets riped when you open it ? In what I got today, there was no such thing, excpet one on the side that was not for security reasons but some information and looked re-used.

The wetness of the motherboard has also left marks on the inside of this plastic/nylon SHEILD PAK.

I do not trust this motherboard to install the new i7-3770K as all diods look like they are in short-circuit.

I am stuck and very very, I mean, very sad..

please take a look at all the pictures in full size and give me your advice.

Do I worry for no reason ? Have I gone crazy ?

Again, I can send you all my information, anything you ask me, this is not a joke or similar.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English, especially when my head is spinning.

Have a nice day.

Pictures I took:" title="">
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I am sorry for this issue you encountered.

We encourage you to contact the place of purchase since the units should be sold in a sealed anti-static bag. No corrosion, water marks or scratches should be visible in a brand new unit.