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Fx 6840 motherboard, i7 870 2.93 ghz processor, posts but will not install op sys.


That pretty much says it all... but lets share more just for ships and giggles..

memory :

2 x 4GB RAM MEMORY FOR GATEWAY FX FX6840-15E FX6840-21 FX6840-23 FX6840-55 NEW!!


Intel Core i7 870 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Processor

grphics card:

MSI GeForce GTX 660 OC edition

Hard drives :

op sys:

Western Digital 500 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" Hard Drive (WD5000AVVS


Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 2TB SATA Internal Hard Drive

Nothing else in the case or configuraion....

Bios version : P01-A3

Bios Rel. : 5/17/2010

Lets not forget the power sounce...

Quiet 850 Watt for Intel AMD PC ATX Power Supply SLI PCI-E SATA 12CM Fan 850W

or the optical drive:

HP Samsung TS-H653 16x DVD-RW Dual Layer SATA Writer Drive LightScribe Burner

So now we have our basic system...

Installed it all and powered it up... Posts to bios... fans work... get one beep before post followed by two beeps... Graphics card comes alive ritght away... Hit F12 and Bios comes right up.. devices registered are hard drives, optical DVD rom, and the potential whole bus bar... usb one way and another... set the boot option to DVD rom drive as first device... not that that is necessary cause we are about to slip in windows 7, 64 bit Op Sys Iso the DVD, install the iso and reboot... Sweet... it boot right up... Blue screen now says installing... downloading debugging and kernels which I get to be like temp files before installing op system on clean hard drive... Feels like I'd doing something here...

The very next step is somehow to begin the Op Sys install on the hard drive... which is where a Windows 7 window appears, that colorful flower sarts pulsating... AND FREEZES !!!! that's it... no if's and's or buts... So lets do a Windows 7 pro now... The screen starts kind of grey with a processing bat at the base of the screen... and freezes agian a the same point once the temp files are installed... have ANOTHE ONE TOO.. But discovered it is in Italian... Hard to answer what ever it is asking if you don't know what it is asking...

What the heck??? with " L's " ( not wanting to get banned on my first posting.) Got one more trick up my sleeve, since I am building about 5 towers atop of the 4 servers and 3 functional towers I'm currrently using... Got a clone backup hard drive from one of the other towers with win 7 pro currrenly installed on it that boots up and runs the install on any of the other 3 towers flawlessly... plug it in the sata of the uncooperative tower an boot up... only to get the Windows 7 flower icon pulsing and freezing before it can continue...

What do you think??? Wrong Bios version? Anyone want to see the Advanced pages of the CMOS or Bios Details... so close and yet so far away... Went to Gateway to see if there is a bios version any different that displayed in the post Bios... nothing there at all... What do we think??

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Hello exclusive,

Based on your description, you are using a Gateway motherboard and the support for this product is provided by Gateway only. The issue description tells us that the unit is loading bios correctly (posting) which means the processor is not faulty.

My best recommendation is to contact the board manufacturer so they can provide the support on your unit.