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Going Nuts Here - Intel Management Engine Components Versions Not Matching

Can someone please tell me why, when I install the IME it says it is version but once installed, under app and programs it shows a totally different version 2026.14.0.1676. How the heck do you even correlate this...why the insanity?

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There are two possibilities,
1. In installation packages like this, multiple drivers may be present and might be installed in different cases. Because a release may have a change in one driver but not in others, separate version numbers are maintained for each driver and a separate version number is used for the package. This is necessary to handle cases where an updated package is installed but the installation does not install any modified drivers.
2. An individual driver is updated separately (via, for example, Windows Update) and this driver consequently had a separate version string.
I hope that explains it and lowers your stress level. If not, it's time for a chill pill.
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