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Graphics Card sometimes dectected sometimes not?


I have ATI Radeon 6570 2GB DDR3 Graphics card Sometime it is being dectected by Motherboard sometime not, There is no problem with Graphics card i have checked it in my friends Computer, Graphics card fan is also running. If it once's detected by motherboard it works properly whole day and again on next morning motherboard did not detect the Graphics card On board Graphics works....

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Hi Ali-Imran, welcome to Intel® Communities.

In order to get better assistance from the community members I suggest you providing more details about your system, such as: motherboard model, BIOS version, power supply model or wattage, and a brief description of other peripherals connected as well as some background history. Posting your inquiry in the correct community will improve visibility.

At this moment I suggest you taking a look into the power consumption of your system versus the wattage rating of your power supply. You may disconnect all non-necessary components and test the system with the minimum configuration; this will indicate if the issue is power related or not. Another option is using a power supply with higher wattage output rating.

You may also try updating your motherboard BIOS and graphics card firmware.