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HD online video on D2550MUD2 and RAM


Ok so I have the D2550MUD2 board for almost a year now, it's been decent but I have a couple of issues.

First, it can't really play online hd video, like for example Youtube, it's all choppy. With Firefox is better than Chrome but every 5 seconds or so it starts lagging (when the CPU is used, for decoding the video I guess). It's weird because offline 1080 hd video (saved on hdd) can be played almost flawlessly.

I'm using windows 7 and I have all the latest drivers installed; For codecs I used K-Lite, and yesterday I installed CoreAVC insted but not much changed really. Do I need to install something? Shouldn't be able to play online hd video since offline works ok? I'm thinking of buying the Broadcom crystal HD decoder, maybe it will solve my problem?

And second, the memory problem. When I bought the board I also bought one stick 2GB of RAM KVR1066D3S8S7/2G but also borrowed another 2gb from a friend, same 1066mhz if I remember right, but it refused to boot, just got stuck before bios. I also tried some other stick but didn't work either. So I've been using the 2gb kingston and it works ok but I'll want to upgrade to 4gb in the future, is it normal not to work with 2 sticks?

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For this type of online video issues is usually recommended to get the latest Adobe* Flash Player, and if possible, uninstall the older version first. You may also want to lower the video's resolution with the gear icon just for testing purposes in order to determine if it is a streaming issue.

I also have a question on whether this is Windows* 7 32-bit or 64-bit. This board only supports 32-bit operating systems.

I have included below different graphics driver versions which may help:

Regarding the memory issue we have to first consider the compatibility with each individual memory model you may want to use. Secondly, if different memory stick models are used together they may not share the same SPD data and may lead to compatibility issues, so probably you may want to make sure they can use the same SPD values. Intel� Desktop Board D2550MUD2; System memory


Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

As far as Flash is concerned I have the latest installed and the same is true for the video driver. The Windows version I'm running is 7 home basic 32 bit. Regarding youtube and flash settings, I've played a lot with them, even 480p stutters sometimes, I've also tried to disable hardware acceleration in flash settings, and it made the playback even worse.

But then I thought I try to open some URLs with VLC's "open network stream", entered a youtube url and it worked almost flawlessly, and that was 720p. I understand 1080p can't be played back this way with youtube links for some reason.

By this I understand it's not really a hardware issue but rather a software decoding thing, I'm not sure how VLC decodes flash compared to an internet browser, I know very few stuff about IT, but seems to be a different way since the payback was fluid. Also please excuse my English but I'm European, so I'm doing my best.

Ok I understand the RAM must be compatible with each other, I'll keep that in mind when the time for upgrade will come.