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HD4000 Intel Graphics drivers for Windows Vista

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I have an Intel i7-3770K CPU and a DZ77BH-55K Motherboard

"Windows Vista" 32 bit is installed, everything else is fine, but

I need some Windows Vista, Intel Graphics Drivers for its HD4000 internal GPU

I've looked almost everywhere, last resort I've even tried installing the WXP ones, then I even tried the Windows 7 ones, and I've even tried the Windows 8 and then also the 8.1 drivers, but all of them prompts that it's the wrong OS and won't install.

Where can I get some Vista drivers for my HD4000 please


There has to be some technician somewhere in the world who has found a way to get any version of Intel HD4000 Graphics Drivers to work with Windows Vista...heck even if it's beta is fine. They have one for Windows XP, 7, 8, & 8.1, but how about for Vista?

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Lemurian, at this point there are no plans on making Windows Vista graphic drivers for the Intel HD 4000. I really apologized, but not even a beta version is available from our side.

For more information please check the following link Graphics — Supported Operating Systems

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I can't believe they made drivers for WXP, but then skipped over Vista and went to Win7 & Win8

Well after quite a number of hours traipsing all over the internet, I finally came up with a solution just by trial and error of trying to install every version I could find that was for the HD4000 just to check if any would install on Vista, but 98% of them would not install, there was one that did install but it would not work. In the end I did find just one version that did install fine on Vista, and it does work.

Intel did not have a valid link for the file I needed, and so I had to search through hell and back to find it, and finally I got a hold of one and downloaded it, I installed it, and it seems to work fine so far and even changed the system rating from 1.0 up to 5.7, and importantly I now have the Aero theme working like I wanted. We'll see if this has any problems, but it seems just fine so far for what need.

The file that finally let me install it, and works for my HD4000 running Windows Vista 32 bit is:


File size 91 MB, and production date of February 8, 2012

Yes I have Windows 7 & Windows 8 installed too, but, I also needed Vista for software testings and is why all the fuss for this.

Yes Sylvia you are correct it seems Vista is not officially supported as per your link and another link I saw too, but Vista should of been supported especially since WXP is.

However I hope this helps someone else that wants to get Vista going using the HD4000, while running an Intel i7-3770K CPU on a DZ77BH-55K Motherboard anyway.