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HELP! DH77DF Temperature issue?

Community Manager

Ok, just so you have the specs of the computer


4 Gigs Samsung Low Voltage Memory

Intel 128GB SSD

2 Additional SSDs

Intel i3 Processor

160 W Pico PSU

160 No Name PSU w/ starter

Firmware is up to date and are drivers

Intel Wirless N + Bluetooth adapator

Slim Profile Fan


PCI ex 1x to PCI adaptor

sorry for the vague specs. Computer passes all my hardware diagnostics. It has a 7 Port Powered USB 3.0 Hub where most devices plug into. This is being used as a car computer. HDMI seems to not shake well with the HDMI to RCA device, so I am using an adaptor to go from DVI to HDMI then to the device. On the Hub I have a TV Tuner, GPS, Logitech Touch Pad, few USB extensions. On another port off the computer is powering the HDMI to RCA Device. The Pico PSU solely powers the motherboard. The unknow brand powers the CPU the Hard Drives and the 1x PCIE adaptor. Its power wire is soldered with the power wire to the Pico PSU to turn both on when the computer turns on. It also has a Ignition input so when I start the car via the ignition giving it 12 Volts, will emulate the momentary switch to turn the computer on 5 seconds after ignition is turned on. This Voltage is seperate and does not go to the board. All functions of this computer works, all the USB, BLUETOOTH, everything works fine! Here is my issue... I drive all day works fine....

I park my car for several hours and get off work late at night, and then the computer wont post. I normally wait a minute or 2 to make sure that it doesn't post (keeping in mind I am already in my car at this time, the computer is in the trunk. I have a power kill switch and a valet switch for the ignition so I control both voltages. I kill the power and the ignition, (this is after I wait like 40 second -1 minute, if I am not in Windows). I turn the power on and wait another 10 seconds before activating the Valet switch, then the computer turns on, it posts and loads out of Hibernation. This Bios or Windows shows no sign that it had a previous attempt to load faild like a Fast Boot issue or Whindows wasnt properly shut down.

I go home park my car in the garage and goto bed, wake up the next morning goto the gym, and its fine! Posts loads starts playing grooveshark right where I left off... The specs of the board indicate an operating temperature of 0C = 40F. It gets pretty close to 40 but not quite 40, normally between 40 and 50, keeping in mind it is in my trunk so its technically going to be warmer. All day the computer works fine, then when I leave it for a long period of time it has this issue. I have floated the board, all external devices, and even just ran it at home, never had this issue. I guess my question is....

Is this really a temperature issue?

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Community Manager

Hello Anish,

The temperatures reported are normal and expected. Please confirm your processor model number in order to provide accurate information.