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Has Intel starting shipping C2 stepping with DZ87KLT-75K Motherboards yet?

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Has Intel starting shipping the new C2 stepping revision G74721-305 within the DZ87KLT-75K Motherboards yet?

The PCN stated that C2 was available last July, and we were hoping it would of made it to the consumer market by now; perhaps Intel's RMA dept won't use it yet for replacements, but it should be available in the marketplace to purchase right?

Please who can we ask? Who has the answer?

I need to buy a couple DZ87KLT-75K boards and I want to make sure that they are the new C2 Stepping, how do I go about finding out who has them available?

Good Day, Thank You.

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Hello Lemurian, we already requested this information since all we know is what the PCN stated.

I'll keep you posted.

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Hello Sylvia,

Nice to hear from you. I had been keeping track of all your previous posts replies to others on the topic, but since there was nothing new mentioned since a month or more, I couldn't wait any longer because...

...All the Black Friday sales are coming up, and so I need to know sooner than later

On the support level I'm sure Intel is not going to give out new C2 MB's for RMA's and would most likey give refurbished or current stock and so you may not see them there, however...

My question is for '''Retail''' sales.

Who in the world could I ask who would know if these new MB's are out there in the Market Place, someone surly has to already know the answer - and tell us where can I get my hands on a few

Thank you