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Hay soporte PCIE 3.0 para la placa Base Intel DP67BG, ya que compre una tarjeta grafica con PCIE 3.0 y solo me da imagen en la BIOS pero no carga el sistema Operativo.. Oh cual es la mejor tarjeta grafica para esta placa la Nvidia GTX 590 ó la GTX 690...


Cuando conecto una tarjeta Grafica PCIE 3.0 solo carga BIOS y me deja modificarlo pero cuando termina la Imagen no carga el Sistema Operativo. Y en la parte inferior derecha sale este numero 0_ ... Y se queda ahi... De antemano muchisimas gracias por su Ayuda.

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You are running into a compatibility issue between this graphics card and the board (or its BIOS). If you are not running the latest-available BIOS, I suggest you look into upgrading and then try the card again. Another thing to try is enabling UEFI, but remember that doing so will often require that you reinstall your O/S. If these things don't resolve the compatibility issues, then you will need to look into another card. As for what cards are actually, compatible, the results are hit and miss; you will just have to try the cards and see what works. You could take the board to a computer shop and see if they will help you try before buying..

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