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Hello, I am using an intel DH55TC mother board, is my mother board compatible with ddr4 ram? also is it compitible with gtx 1060 ti graphic card?

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This motherboard is from 2009:


No, it is not compatible with ddr4.


The correct question is the gtx 1060 ti compatible with this motherboard. The answer is maybe, but it will run in PCIe 2.0, if it is compatible, and not PCIe 3.0. This board, in 2009, had no idea of what the future held in PCIe graphic cards.




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Let me expand upon what Al has said...


Based on my experience, there is a high probability that this graphics card will not be compatible with this board. There are specific differences between then and now regarding both the PCIe and UEFI implementations. Many cards these days support only UEFI firmware and this board likely requires Legacy firmware to at least be present. Many cards these days claim PCIe 2.0 backwards compatibility, but there are many cases where this does not appear to be the case.


If you want to try using this card in your system, you should enable UEFI in the BIOS and you need to hope that the PCIe implementation on this board is truly backwards compatible. If you power on and you see nothing on the monitors, this likely means it is not compatible and, other than the UEFI setting, there is nothing you can do to change this.


Hope this helps,