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Hello, I need the .bin bios file to flash the bios chip with the dediprog, because I had a problem with the bios update and now the bios crashed , no post codes , can someone please help me?

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Sorry, Intel does not provide BIOS releases in binary form as this is a security violation. BIOS Releases are branded at the factory for the specific board and only a previously-installed BIOS can install a BIOS update. The only way that you can get a binary image is from another identical board. The problem with doing so is that that board's branding will be copied. Since branding contains Serial Number, UUID, MAC Address, etc., this is problematic as two boards with same branding will then exist and no tools are available in the field to modify the branding. Because of these issues, we do not recommend anyone providing an image from their board.


I suggest that you attempt to update the BIOS using the BIOS Recovery method. This is documented here:


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