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Help DQ87PG with i7 4770 not booting!

My new DQ87PG with i7 4770 is not booting.

When I push the power on button the blue-colored Intel ME "M" state LED goes on and the standby LED starts flashing, after 10 sec without any action or screen output the system seems to reboot itself. After the first reboot still noting happens accept of the LED 's.

If the system is switched on their is no video output on VGA and DVI, I have no way of checking the DisplayPort output.

I tried different memory modules and power supplies.

When I remove all RAM their is no change.

No amount of battery removing or jumper changing is fixing the problem.

When I push the power on button and then switch on the power supply the board beeps as long as I keep pushing the power on button, 1 beep every second. After 4 sec. the system shuts down.

Help what is wrong!


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Roland, would you please take the board out of the chassis and test it using minimum configuration (motherboard, processor, power supply)?

If you get 3 beeps, please insert one memory stick on DIMM # 1 and turn on the system.

In the other hand, if there are not beeps at all, you would need to test the processor on another motherboard, or test a different power supply?

Would you please provide me the model number of the power supply you are using?

Remember that the motherboard is still under warranty, so you can get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:



I tried it with 2 power supplies, no differences :

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The board does not beep with or without memory.

It only beeps when I hold the power on button and switch on the power supply.

The question now is is it the Board or the Processor, both are under warranty.






The only way to find out which of the two devices is defective is testing one of them on another unit.

At this point, you can replace the motherboard first and test the processor. I would recommend you to test it out side of the chassis.