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Help. Trying to set up a raid 10 volume greater than 2tb

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Hi there,

Trying to set up a raid 10 volume. I have (4) 2tb hard drives with windows 7 64bit installed on the drive I want to expand. Using Matrix Storage I am limited to creating a 2tb volume. The mother board is an Asus P6T SE. The boot drive is set as MBR. Some questions:

Is Intel Rapid Storage Technology able to run on Windows 7 64 bit (When I go through the download section it isn't available for 64bit and wouldn't install if I tried (driver was unable to install) but when I use the auto update detect it recommends RST (but still won't install)

If I can change all the drives to GPT will that solve it?

If so, can I clone an MBR drive to a GPT drive and maintain GPT?

Thanks in advance, I am pulling my hair out.10

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Hello Jason,

To obtain further assistance on your original inquiry please contact our chipset support group: Contact Support

You can also contact Asus* directly for assistance on this matter.