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Help me out guys................?


I have recently purchased my new cpu with config below

i5-3330 3.0 Ghz processor

intel dh67bl motherboard

500gb hard disk

4gb Ram

i have installed 64-bit Windows 7 Os

Many times It says intel hd display driver has stopped responding and has recovered

when I play saints Row 3 it comes out of the game saying the above issue and comes out of the game.

Please suggest me guys which Os to install or do anything.........

i also get Blue Screen Error Sometimes say Physical memory Dump............

I have connect this to Old Dell 17" VGA monitor.......

I have also installed latest drivers currently from internet..........

Does installing windows 8 solve my problem.........

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Please provide more detailed information on your system in order to help you. For example...

What is the BIOS version installed in that computer?

What is the part number and manufacturer of the memory sticks you have tested with?

What is the model and wattage of the power supply installed?

Please let me have the AA number and Serial number of the motherboard. The following link provides information on where this information should be located on the motherboard: (The serial number is on the left of the AA number)