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Hi, I have a DH61AG motherboard with Bios 0011 and I'm trying to update to a newer version. Every time I try to do it with F7, when I select the .bio file, the bios freezes and does nothing else. How could I solve this problem? Thank's for the help.


DH61AG board with Bios version 0011

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First of all, I want you to look at my latest post to this conversation: Now, this post contains information common to your board and common to the update process. Where it will differ is in which BIOS you need to install, which updates to this BIOS you will need to install and how you will need to install them.


Now, you are on a very old BIOS for your board and you will need to do the upgrade in a number of steps. There are notes contained within the BIOS Release Notes file that will explain parts of the process, but I will summarize it here to make it easier. You can start here to download the .BIO files you will need in the process laid out below: In the bottom left corner of this page (titled "Other Versions"), are links to the pages for downloading the other BIOS releases. You want to download just the .BIO file - but remember that only one of these files can be on the flash disk as a time.


Note: Do not take any shortcuts; follow the process I have laid out here exactly. Failing to do so exactly could result in a bricked BIOS. If any step fails, stop and come back here for help.


Note: I recommend that you do all of these BIOS update operations using the BIOS Recovery process detailed in the other thread. If you wish, you can use F7 or iFlash method for those steps that I do not specifically say requires the BIOS Recovery process, but, again, I do not recommend it.


  1. Make sure a 2nd generation Intel Core processor is installed. If you don't have one, you cannot proceed.
  2. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 23.
  3. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 31.
  4. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 37.
  5. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 39.
  6. If you are going to use a 3rd generation Intel Core processor, you can install it now.
  7. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 99.
  8. Using the BIOS Recovery process, upgrade to BIOS 104.
  9. Upgrade to BIOS 109.


Again, no shortcuts. Skipping a step could brick your BIOS.


Don't forget that, after performing this BIOS update process, you need to perform the BIOS Setup cleanup process that I detailed in that other post.


Hope this helps,