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I have a problem with a raid set using Intel Matrix Storage Manager ICH9R wRAID5 running RAID1 This is the only hard drive in the system (beside CD/DVD/Diskette)

Tried to mirror ST3750 to ST31000. Original array was ST3750 & ST31000, The ST3750 failed, replaced it with spare ST3750 drive, now it fails to boot.

It did give me an error for size mismatch, but it went ahead and started the rebuild. Last I saw it at 85%, next time I looked, did'nt have a boot drive

Configuration display shows:

Degraded RAID1 Bootable = yes

1)ST3750 Member disk (0)(green)

4)ST31000 Error occured (0)(red)


Built in 2008 w/XP Pro ST3750 drives

ST3750 drives failed multiple times, Seagate would replace them, I would remirror, keep going.

When the last drive failed about 2.5 years ago, they couldn't send me a drive for over a month.

Purchased an ST31000, mirrored and has been running fine since then until the ST3750 failed.

Had the ST3750 replacement on the shelf, so I replaced it.

Questions : What's the best way to recover the array or 1 disk?

Can I disconnect the ST31000 and boot the array with 1 drive?

Thanks for your help


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In theory it should work, since you were only using mirroring. It won't hurt to try. But, if the rebuild didn't complete properly, the ST3750 isn't going to contain a full image...