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How Disable (or Hide) Intel Small Business/Security/Management Technology, Executive Series Desktop Board?

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Disable (or hide) Intel Small Business/Security/Management Technology, Executive Series Desktop Board?


Just built (my first) and am configuring a single system with a DB75EN (executive series) desktop board, and a second generation processor.

In this situation, there isn't a need for any of the professional features - IMEI, Intel Security and Manageability Technologies, remote IT or anti-theft technology, or systems integration tools, etc. - which seem to have been installed by default by the Intel CD.

But am unable to find a link detailing any Intel recommended safe software removal procedure, or hardware/BIOS deactivation checklist, or instructions to hide-em-if-you-don't-need-em.

Among other things, the "Intel Management and Security" status icon is prominent in the Windows XP system tray/notification area. It leads to information on Intel Management Engine as 'Unconfigured', Intel Small Business Technology as 'Enabled but Not Configured', and Intel AntiTheft technology 'Enabled but Not Enrolled'.

What would be recommended?

1) Do nothing - except perhaps uncheck the boxes in "Intel Management and Security Status" so presumably the icon will no longer be displayed in the system tray/notification area. (Supposes leaving things as is/unconfigured poses no security problem or significantly increases CPU overhead.)

2) Disable in the BIOS settings

3) Add/Remove Programs

These appear to be the related ones in Add/Remove Programs.

• Intel Integrator Toolkit 5

• Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent

• Intel Management Engine Components

• Intel SMBus

• Intel Trusted Connect Service Client

(According to one online mention, this action "will lead to exclamation marks in device manager")

4) something else ?

Thank you.


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Hello Steve,

We regret to inform you that there is no option to disable Intel Small Business/Security/Management Technology since is a requirement for the motherboard so it can accomplish with different tasks and processes at a hardware/software level. Disabling this feature will create erratic behavior on the board reason why there is no option to disable it.