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How to extract or convert the BIOS update file with * .BIO extension to * .ROM file?




I would like to know if anyone can help me understand how to reprogram the BIOS EEPROM after it is corrupted and the restore system (without a jumper) does not work.


In the past, BIOS updates were distributed in ROM format, a type of binary file, which allowed the use of a universal programmer to reprogram the BIOS EEPROM when BIOS corruption occurred.


But with the distribution of the file with extension * .BIO, the universal programmer does not recognize it, so I cannot perform a rewrite of the BIOS EEPROM.


Can anyone tell how to extract the binary file needed to reprogram the EEPROM BIOS in order to use a universal programmer to rewrite the EEPROM directly?


I understand that it will be necessary to remove the EEPROM from the motherboard, using a soldering procedure, this is not the problem.


Thank you so much!

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Intel does not provide .BIN or .ROM files, and does not provide such support.

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.BIN and .ROM files are insecure. Intel has not supported them for more than 20 years. In addition, the BIOS image is "branded" in the factory for the board in question and this branding should not be transferred (via flash copy) to another board as it includes hardware serial numbers, MAC address, etc.