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How to update DH77EB BIOS from 0053 to 0097 or 0103?


I've tried every possible method except recovery. I am facing some issues which might be fixed by updating bios, also I'm planning on buying a new graphics card and some people said I might need a bios update to make things easier.

I have never updated bios before so it's stuck with the initial version. When I try updating using the exe file on Windows 10 64-bit, it says unsupported legacy bios, even though I'm running Win 10 on UEFI bios (verified it's UEFI from sysinfo, gpt disk). I tried F7 method but it resulted in Intel management firmware failure. Same with iFlash. Next thing I did was removing the jumper and then inserting a USB with the bios file on it but it never booted so I'm kinda lost here. I followed the instructions about the recovery process, did I do something wrong? I also tried moving the jumper from the pins 1-2 (normal) to 2-3 (maintainance mode) and I could access maintenance mode but couldn't find any luck updating.

I'm also kind of scared about accidentally bricking my motherboard while trying to update. Somebody please help me out, thanks in advance :)​

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Legacy vs UEFI doesn't matter.​ From where you are, you must use the BIOS Recovery process.



Is the recovery process supposed to show anything? I only see a blank screen after removing the jumper & inserting the usb stick with the .bio file.

CPU turns on but no visual.

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This process is intended to be performed by a trained technician.Download and save the Recovery BIOS (.BIO) file to a temporary directory.

Copy the .BIO to a USB thumb drive.Plug the thumb drive into a USB port of the target computer.Shut down the target computer.

Enable the F7 prompt display:Power the computer on.Enter the BIOS Setup by pressing F2 during boot.Go to the Boot > Boot Display Options menu.Enable Display F7 to Update BIOS.

Press F10 to save and exit.During boot, when the F7 prompt is displayed, press F7 to enter the BIOS Flash Update tool.

Select the USB thumb drive and press Enter.

Select the .BIO file and press Enter.

Confirm you want to update the BIOS by pressing Enter.Wait 2–5 minutes for the update to complete.

Remove the thumb drive.

Restart the computer.

Hope this helps you!