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Hyper-V IOV doesn't work on DH77EB M/B with i5-3330 +X520-DA2 LAN


Hi Sir,

I have a Intel DH77EB M/B with I5-3330 M/B, I bought Intel X520-DA2 LAN, I installed Microsoft server 2012 and Hyper-V.

But I found IOV feature doesn't work. Hyper-V Support for Scaling Up and Scaling Out Overview

From MS website, I think below required:

SR-IOV networking requires:

  • A host system which supports SR-IOV (for example, Intel VT-d), including chipset support for interrupt and DMA remapping, and proper firmware support to enable and describe the platform's SR-IOV capabilities to the operating system.



  • An SR-IOV–capable network adapter and driver in both the management operating system (which runs the Hyper-V role) and each virtual machine where a virtual function is assigned.

In my M/B BIOS, I have Intel virtualization technology and Intel VT for direct I/O (VT-d) enabled, and from LAN spec, it support SR-IOV too.

And I aready installed latest driver in windows server 2012, but it still reported that it doesn't work and ask me to contact vendor.

Please help.

Please refer to attached pictures for detail error.

For system configuration refer to below:

I checked registers and it seems PCIE root doesn't support SR-IOV, but Network card support it. Since VT-d support enabled, why SR-IOV not enabled?

Please refer to below dump with R/W tool:

I had updated my M/B BIOS to latest, is there any idea what's wrong? How can I resolve this problem or is there undocumented limitation or something unknown which actually it's not supported?

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Hello mike-zhou,

It is important to mention that Server products/ software are not certified to be used in a desktop unit. Therefore, the support on the motherboard is limited and we cannot guarantee that will work with the desktop motherboard.

Since you have the Virtualization technology enabled at the BIOS level, I recommend you contacting Microsoft* for further support related to the virtualization technology on Windows* server operating system.