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I am installing my DB75EN motherboard and have an issue with the powersupply hookup and could use some guidance.


This is my first build and I bought my power Supply as it was said to match up with the DB75EN. I obtained a Thermaltake TR2 600 and it does not have the 4 pin 12 volt Power Connector. (ATX-CPU). I got a little confused with the Thermaltake hook up instructions as it references the 20 and 24 pin Main Power Connector. The TR2 has a 24 pin power connector. Is the power to the Motherboard supplied through the 24 pin connector or does it still require the 4 pin ATX-CPU pin also? I am starting with this forum as it seems the most logical place to begin. Thermaltake instructions makes it confusing so that is also why am I starting here. Thermaltake says "if the board requires the 4 pin ATX-CPU connector that you are to "detach a 4 pin connector from the 4+4pin ATX 12V connector and connect it to the Motherboard." It further says "either one of the 4+4 pin form the 4+4pin ATX 12V connector will work."

Does this mean to dismantle a connector and plug the pins only into the ATX-CPU plug? If so not Problem I can handle that. I actually have a 4 pin connector plug handy from an old Power Supply that I was able to scavenger. I just don't want to mess this up.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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I found my answer after some research. It turns out to be simple but I'm a newbie and we all learn as we go. The 4+4 12v connector splits apart. I found the small release on it when I located the seam on the connector. Problem solved.

Thank you for your indulgence. Maybe someone else will benefit from my discovery.


Good news, I am glad your computer is working again.