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I cant update my bios.


So i am having trouble with my mobo which is Intel DQ45CB. So i am trying to update the bios see if that does anything. When i load the bios files from a usb stick i can access those files. And i use this command which is given in the motherboard's manual IFLASH2 /PF XXX.BIO. Now when i do this it just goes in like u have this IFLASH2 Version 2.4 - Build 064 and the little dos thingy which flickers keeps flickering and i cant put any more commands and it stays there infinitely. So pls if any 1 can help me with that would be awesome. Btw i used hp usb storage format tool to make it a bootable usb.

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for troubleshooting bios issues , follow the intel support site


for bios update instructions , follow the intel support site


computer does not after bios update , see below site how  to recover back


for latest available bios for your model , visit below website




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I suggest that you try to use the F7 method to perform the update. That is, insert a USB 2.0 (not 3.0!) flash disk containing the .BIO file and power on the system. When POST splash screen appears, press F7. This should (eventually) result in the display of a menu allowing you to select the flash disk and then the .BIO file to install. The system should reset itself and then install this .BIO file. A display of the progress of this installation should appear onscreen.


Hope this helps (let us know),